In Haian, we are in line with the principle of good products. For us, every detail is very important. Because we want to make sure that the products you receive are correct. And according to the diesel engine manufacturing company's high quality standards of the products.


We have set up strict regulations for the inspection of products. The content and methods of product testing are specified for each product specification and the handling of substandard products. 

In order to ensure product quality control, We established the quality control department at the beginning of our company, have invested a large amount of testing equipment and tools to ensure that all parts are tested and inspected.

Our purchase strategy is working with China's most outstanding marine diesel engine license manufacturer and their OEM. Purchasing principles focus on the company's factories in China, Japan, Europe, and South Korea. 


For Haian's high quality products, we provide you with 12 months after delivery of quality assurance. Haian parts should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the installation of the original diesel engine company, and operating under normal operating conditions specified in the original diesel engine company. If any quality problems arise, in addition to routine quality investigation, Haian will be responsible for free replacement of parts. (The expense of the claim includes the cost of the product itself and the logistics)

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